November 2012
David McGrath has been appointed as Development Director of a new PNG Construction company.

DAVCAM has been appointed to source hotel development sites in PNG for a publicly listed Australian hospitality group.

DAVCAM commences development concepts for Disabled Housing 

October 2012
DAVCAM appointed as Project Managers and Facilitators for an apartment complex in Port Moresby.


A Property Industry Facilitator and Collaborator in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

What is a Property Industry Facilitator and Collaborator?

In these days of increased costs and reducing margins the phase "Collaborate or Perish" in the property development industry, could not be more accurate.

Where everyone is connected, the game-changer - the force multiplier - is COLLABORATION.       Collaboration unleashes the power of the many, to do together what none can do alone.                         And collaboration is about people. In the networked world, with everyone connected and change moving fast, success depends more than ever on having the right people saying YES and doing YES fast.                     

All collaboration starts with a vision - a blue-sky vision of a better day that lets people put shoulders together to achieve what none can alone.

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